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Motorcycle Accidents Lawyer in Manhattan

Motorcycle Accidents are accidents in which people are injured physically and/or emotionally by or in motorcycles. The personal injury laws relating to motorcycle accidents help determine which individuals were at fault for the incident, which individuals need to pay for medical treatment, and which individuals need to pay for vehicle repairs.  

Types of Injuries  

Motorcycle Accidents can cause numerous types of injuries, commonly including:  

Head and Back Injuries 

Medical repercussions of head injuries include comas, concussions, fractures, hearing and/or vision loss, and varying degrees of brain injuries.

Medical repercussions of back injuries include suffering from spinal cord damage, reduced sensation in various body parts, varying degrees of paralysis, and a herniated disk. 

Neck and Chest Injuries

Medical repercussions of neck injuries include whiplash (most common), swelling, and even temporary vocal cord paralysis.

Medical repercussions of chest injuries, from blunt force trauma, include broken bones, collapsed lung(s), cardiac arrest, internal bleeding, and organ damage.  

Arms, Legs, Hands, and Feet Injuries  

Special Distinctions Related to Motorcycle Accidents  

Motorcycle accidents are not, however, the same as commercial truck accidents and automobile accidents. They indeed differ in several different ways: 

  • The first main difference is Visual Recognition – because motorcycles are inherently smaller than vehicles, they become more difficult to see, especially based on the weather and the intersection/exits/intersections on the road.  
  • The second is Road Hazards – including everything from oil spills to potholes to uneven pavement, and so on – which have much more of an impact on motorcycles than on automobiles.  
  • The third is Speed “Wobble” Accidents – which take place when the front of a motorcycle starts to wobble from instability, especially when higher speeds are achieved. More often than not, this wobble effect is due to a manufacturing issue, thereby putting the motorcycle manufacturer at risk for product liability.  
  • The fourth are Riding Skills and Familiarity – meaning simply that motorcycles are much harder to operate than an automobile due to their size, features, limitations, and so on.  

While injuries may fall under the same categories, the severity and associated complications of such injuries can be far worse in motorcycle accidents given the body of the driver is inherently more exposed.   

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents  

Motorcycle accidents, just like automobile and commercial truck accidents, are commonly caused by negligence – and are thus subject to negligence personal injury laws. Because the operation of motorcycles comes with the duty to exercise reasonable care under the circumstances,” getting into a motorcycle accident due to a lack of reasonable care is deemed negligent.  

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KI Legal's Case Results

  • NYC Negligence

    Successfully represented a client who got into a motor vehicle accident on a street where work was being performed, resulting in serious injuries. We were able to secure a $250,000 settlement after extensive discovery and depositions.

  • Minor Child Car Accident

    Successfully represented a minor passenger child of a car accident crash in Brooklyn, New York who suffered severe back and neck injuries due to a crash caused by a drunk driver that struck the car the minor child was traveling in.

  • Rear-End Car Accident

    Successfully represented a driver whose car was struck in the rear by a vehicle that was following too closely in Queens, New York. The driver suffered serious personal injuries requiring multiple surgeries.

  • Truck Multi-Car Collision

    Successfully sued a trucking company that owned a truck involved in a multiple-car collision. Injuries involved the back and head.

  • Side Door Car Collision

    Successfully sued a railroad company that owned a truck involved in a side door car collision. Injuries involved the hand and head.

  • Meatpacking NYC Motor Vehicle Accident

    Successfully represented a client who got into a motor vehicle accident in the Meatpacking District with a commercial van. Due to the driver’s negligence, we were able to secure a $150,000 settlement after depositions.

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