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A Look at the New York Primary Election Results

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Reminder: these are not final votes! 


Democratic Primary for New York City Mayor

  • Eric Adams – 31.7% 
  • Maya Wiley – 22.3%
  • Kathryn Garcia – 19.5%
  • Andrew Yang – 11.7%
  • Scott Stringer – 5.0%

Republican primary for New York City Mayor

  • Curtis Sliwa – 71.9%
  • Fernando Mateo – 28.1%

What now:

  • Ranked-choice vote counts are not projected to be finalized until June 29th 
  • By the 29th, the city’s Board of Elections hopes to be able to release the first round of results; this being said, included in the results will only be early in-person and Election Day ballots. As such, a complete picture should materialize by the week of July 12th as counts on absentee ballots and others continue to trickle in. 
  • 4 things to keep in mind for the mayoral race:
    • Eric Adams has a strong lead 
  • His lead has largely been attributed to his strong stance on public safety, with his background as a former New York Police Department captain helping his image. As the city experiences more gun violence, Adams has made public safety the centerpiece of his campaign and pledges to protect all New Yorkers. 
  • Ranked-choice voting is likely to determine the winner, but will also create bottlenecks in counting
    • The way that ranked-choice voting works is that if no candidate receives a majority of the first-choice ballots, the last-place candidate is eliminated and their votes are reallocated, round by round, until only two candidates remain – leaving much room for uncertainty. Additionally, it takes longer to count, especially as we continue to wait on absentee ballots which make up 15-20% of the total vote.

·          Andrew Yang drops out of the race

·         Despite having led the polls at the start of the race, and having generated a media storm of attention since his presidential run, Yang conceded last night due to his low results in the face of Adams’ lead. 

·         Progressive coalition is not as strong as it had hoped 

·         Maya Wiley is the top progressive candidate in the race and, although she garnered support from heavy-hitting politicians, the progressive coalition did not come out on top as the three candidates who precede her are running on more moderate or technocratic campaigns. 

·         This being said, progressives are seeing key wins in their future with other races. 

Public Advocate 

Democratic Primary for Public Advocate 

  • Jumaane Williams – 71.0%
  • Anthony Herbert – 21.2%
  • Theo Tavarez – 7.8%

Republican Primary for Public Advocate

  • Devi Nampiaparampil – uncontested 

Conservative Primary for Public Advocate

  • Anthony Herbert – uncontested 

District Attorney 

Democratic Primary for District Attorney

  • Alvin Bragg – 33.9%
  • Tali Farhadian Weinstein – 30.5%
  • Tahanie Aboushi – 11.3%

Republican Primary for District Attorney

  • Thomas Kenniff – uncontested 

Borough President 

Bronx Borough President [Democratic primary]

  • Vanessa Gibson – 39.4%
  • Fernando Cabrera – 34.5%
  • Nathalia Fernandez – 14.3%

Brooklyn Borough President [Democratic primary]

  • Antonio Reynoso – 28.2%
  • Robert Cornegy – 19.2%
  • Jo Anne Simon – 17.6%

Manhattan Borough President [Democratic primary]

  • Mark Levine – 28.7%
  • Brad Hoylman – 25.7%
  • Ben Kallos – 12.2%

Queens Borough President [Democratic primary]

  • Donovan Richards – 41.7%
  • Elizabeth Crowley – 40.4%
  • James Van Bramer – 17.9%

Staten Island Borough President 

  • Democratic primary

·         Mark Murphy – 46.8%

·         Lorraine Honor – 21.2%

·         Cesar Vargas – 14.9%

  • Republican primary 
  • Vito Fossella – 42.5%
  • Steven Matteo – 41.3%
  • Leticia Remauro – 13.5%
  • Jhong Kim – 2.7%

City Council

  • Follow this link for details based on your district – 


Democratic Primary for Comptroller

  • Brad Lander – 31.4%
  • Corey Johnson – 22.6%
  • Michelle Caruso-Cabrera – 13.6%

Republican Primary for Comptroller

  • Daby Carreras – uncontested

Conservative Primary for Comptroller

  • Paul Rodriguez – uncontested 

County Executive

Democratic Primary for Nassau County Executive

  • Laura Curren – uncontested 

Republican Primary for Nassau County Executive

  • Bruce Blakeman – uncontested

Conservative Primary for Nassau County Executive

  • Bruce Blakeman – uncontested

Republican Primary for Orange County Executive

  • Steven Neuhaus – uncontested


  • Follow this link for details based on your town – 

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