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Law 360 2023 Hospitality Editorial Advisory Board

Law 360 2023 Hospitality Editorial Advisory Board
Law 360 has appointed KI Legal Co-Founder, Andreas Koutsoudakis, to its 2023 Hospitality Editorial Advisory Board, through which he will provide feedback on Law360’s coverage and expert insight on how best to shape future coverage.

Andreas shares that “it is an honor to be a part of this board alongside such accomplished members. Whether it be the upcoming minimum wage increase or ongoing third-party food delivery service fee-cap deliberations, we here at KI Legal believe in giving a voice to all versions and types of restaurants – a voice that accounts for the realities of their specific economics, not just those of their well-organized, well-structured, and well-capitalized counterparts.

Hospitality establishments have always existed as an escape for our various communities – a much-welcomed break amidst the rush of life – and the industry has firmly established itself not merely as a piece of the economic fabric of society, but also the very social fabric that keeps us together. A large part of why the industry has been able to engrain itself in this way is due to the day-to-day creativity and hard work of each independent owner/operator and their fellow industry members. No matter how difficult it has been, and continues to be, to have their voices heard and their needs advocated for, they have not given up – that is why I remain committed to doing so by way of my role on this board.”

Read more about Andreas' legal and personal experience with the hospitality industry, and what he plans to achieve with this Hospitality Editorial Advisory Board role, here: