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Total Food Service Interview

Total Food Service Interview
In its June 2023 issue, Total Food Service hosted an event and interviewed Co-Founder Andreas Koutsoudakis to learn more about how his personal hospitality experience has informed KI Legal's representation of restaurant industry clients over the years.

In the piece, Andreas shares how growing up in, and ultimately owning a business, in the hospitality industry gave him the profound insight that allows him to better represent and advise restaurant clients coming to him for legal help. From drafting labor and employment compliance packages to negotiating a lease agreement, Andreas and his partner Michael Iakovou made it their mission to always "put the power in the business owner's hands" and teach them how to take care of and protect their establishment for the future.

In the words of Andreas, all "restaurant owners must look at their restaurant through a different lens. We help our client base see not just a 10-seat pizzeria, but a business - and your restaurant deserves to have professionals on your side that really understand the dynamics."

Read the full story here - [on page 78, cont. on 106]. If you have any questions, or want to discuss your particular hospitality-related matter, call (212) 404-8644 or email at your convenience.