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Co-Founder Andreas Koutsoudakis Presents at NYC Bar’s “Restaurant Law in NYC: 2023 Edition” CLE Program


Yesterday, Co-Founder Andreas Koutsoudakis spoke at the New York City Bar’s CLE Program on “Restaurant Law in New York City: 2023 Edition.”

This program focused on the corporate, real estate, liquor license, and labor/employment issues involved in opening and operating a restaurant in New York City. Attendees learned about:

  1. the choices of legal entity to form for restaurant projects, investment and management structures, purchase and sales transactions and transfer liability;
  2. lease issues such as build outs and provisions regarding assignment, contingencies, and guarantees;
  3. the requirements for obtaining on and off premises liquor licenses and how to navigate the process and procedure before the New York State Liquor Authority and the local Community Boards; and
  4. overtime, sex harassment policies, spread of hours, the 80/20 rule, tip credit, and other essential labor and employment issues.

Andreas kicked off the program by educating attendees on the corporate considerations at hand, focusing on issues such as:

  1. LLC v. corporation – entity choices for restaurants;
  2. Corporate structures for startup restaurants and restaurant groups;
  3. Investment in restaurant businesses – typical investment terms; and
  4. Acquiring a restaurant business – factors to consider for a purchase of assets or equity of an existing business.

Check out Andreas’ presentation and supporting materials to gain a better understanding of the topics at hand.

AK_RestaurantBootcamp_Presentation_2023Download AK_Restaurant-Law-CLE-2023_Supporting-MaterialsDownload

It is important to be aware of all corporate considerations associated with owning and operating a restaurant in NYC. For more information on the topics covered during this program, or for services related to your specific situation, do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable restaurant attorneys by calling (646) 766-8308 or emailing to get the help you need.  



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