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Sociable City Summit

Sociable City Summit

This past weekend, Andreas Koutsoudakis and Michael Iakovou from KI Legal sponsored and attended the Responsible Hospitality Institute’s 2023 Sociable City Summit, which celebrated RHI's 40th Anniversary and convened global leaders on nighttime management strategies.

From nighttime disorder and violence to diversity, equity, and inclusion, the event addressed major topics and themes that are commonly associated with the nightlife industry, some of which have risen to the forefront of conversations especially in recent times.

Co-founder Andreas Koutsoudakis shares that “the nightlife industry is a legitimate industry. It is a big contributor to the economy and, in places where it has been embraced and where you have responsible, legitimate operators, things work out for everyone - it leads to more jobs, tax revenue, entertainment, tourism, diversity, social spaces, and happiness!

With that said, when any piece of the puzzle is broken, everyone loses out - and often only 1 person gets blamed, whether that’s the operators, the government, or otherwise. So - what should we do about this? Well the bottom line is that negotiations can’t follow the “my way or the highway” model; everyone has to come to the table with an open mind and a desire to bring people together safely and happily.”

Congratulations to the RHI for putting on a fantastic event, and special shoutout to our fellow industry advocates, Andrew Rigie and Robert Bookman, for their great segments and unlimited pieces of wisdom they shared with us this weekend.

We look forward to supporting and attending more events dedicated to promoting diversity, safety, and success in the nightlife industry so we can continue uniting together for our favorite food, music, and art.