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FAIRER Program Opens Up to Businesses

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New York City’s Fines and Interest Reduction Enabling Recovery (FAIRER) Program has just opened its applications for businesses – including restaurants, bars, and clubs – to apply for a reduced amount for eligible Environmental Control Board (ECB) judgments. The 3-month program will be administered by the Department of Finance (DOF), and will allow both respondents and payors to resolve their outstanding judgments, that went into judgment in the period between March 7th, 2020 and June 20th, 2021, issued by various city agencies and adjudicated by the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings (OATH). 

The amount that businesses will receive will depend on the date that their violations went into judgment and whether the party named on the violation (respondent) attended an OATH Meeting. 

Per the program’s portal:

  • For a Default Penalty for Not Attending a Hearing – the reduction amount will be default penalty and interest
  • For NO Default Penalty and Entered on or After March 7, 2020, and prior to June 23, 2021 – the reduction amount will be 75% of base fine and interest
  • For NO Default Penalty and Entered Before March 7, 2020 – the reduction amount will be 25% of base fine and interest 

How to participate:

  1. Go to 
  2. Enter either your:
    1. Name and address;
    2. Ticket number;  
    3. Or OATH ID
  3. All OATH-adjudicated ECB judgments will be listed, and whether or not they are eligible for the FAIRER program will be noted
    1. Select your eligible judgment(s);
    2. Agree to the terms and conditions;
    3. And pay the selected judgments in full 
  4. If your violation(s) is not eligible for the FAIRER program, it may be for the OATH-Adjudicated ECB Violations Settlement Program
    1. This, too, will be noted when you search for your judgments 
    2. For more information about settlements, go to 

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