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DoorDash Expands Alcohol Delivery

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DoorDash has just announced that it will be expanding its alcohol delivery program across the 20 states, and Washington D.C., that have legalized alcohol-to-go. As such, customers will be able to place orders for alcohol – including beer, wine, and spirits – from participating restaurants and grocery stores; these orders will be available with or without accompanying food orders. Additionally, in select markets, customers will be able to bundle their food orders from a restaurant with an alcohol order from a liquor store as part of DoorDash’s DoubleDash program. 

Customers in the following select markets will be able to enjoy DoorDash’s delivery program: Arizona, California, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Oregon, New York, Texas, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington, and Washington, D.C. 

According to DoorDash Director of Alcohol Strategy and Operations, Caitlin Macnamara, “over the past year, many cities where we operate have evolved their legislation in order to permit the delivery of alcohol to residents’ homes. Over that time, we worked tirelessly to build a trusted alcohol ordering and delivery experience for merchants, customers and Dashers.” 

Despite the popularity of alcohol-to-go, many states, cities, and local municipalities were faced with the tough decision of extending this new legality. The outcome was either permanent or temporary extension or simply terminations. For example, while California extended alcohol-to-go through 2026, New York ended its program abruptly after 15 months even with broad support for the program’s continuation. Funny enough, New York is still included on DoorDash’s participating venues. Only time will tell if other states follow suit in order to enjoy the various benefits of alcohol-to-go.

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