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Grubhub-Restaurant Strong Fund Partner for a New Restaurant Grant: Restaurant Stronger Grant

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Grubhub – a leading third-party food delivery service and platform – has announced a partnership with The Greg Hill Foundation’s Restaurant Strong Fund – a fund to “help aid the Hospitality Industry as restaurants closed and employees left out of work due to Covid-19” – to offer $4 million in grants for restaurants dealing with pandemic-related hardships. 

Grant Details 

The grants will be funded by donations through Grubhub’s Donate the Change program, which commenced earlier this year. The program allows Grubhub and Seamless diners to opt-in to rounding up their order total and donating the difference; the company then matches eligible donations from Grubhub+ members. Starting on October 16th, donations from the program will support the Restaurant Strong Fund through the remainder of 2021. 

Grants will range from $5,000 to $50,000 and will go towards helping restaurant owners fund a number of initiatives to improve, or add on to, their operations including: 

  • Indoor and outdoor dining improvements
  • Equipment and technology maintenance and upgrades
  • Marketing and promotion efforts
  • Staff hiring and training
  • Covid-19 compliance
  • And infrastructure improvements

Restaurants must be located in one of the following cities in order to qualify: New York, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Denver, Baltimore and Portland. 


This restaurant support program is the third partnership between Grubhub and The Greg Hill Foundation just in the past year. According to Grubhub senior vice president of restaurants, Kevin Kearns, “we spend a lot of time listening to and talking with our restaurant partners to better understand their needs so that we can be even better partners to them. We’ve been hearing that they need support across multiple areas, including hiring and staffing efforts and getting the proper safety equipment for indoor and outdoor dining, and we’re proud to continue working with the Restaurant Strong Fund to provide a much-needed lifeline to restaurants across the country.” In his own statement, Greg Hill explained that “while the restaurant industry continues to face challenges from the pandemic, we are so fortunate that partners like Grubhub have continued their ongoing support of helping restaurants recover. We’re excited to be doubling the amount of funding this time around so that together, we can help more local restaurants continue serving their communities.” 

What Should Operators Do Now?

The Restaurant Strong Fund will open to grant applications starting October 13th through October 20th. Only the first 500 restaurants, with 5 or fewer locations, located in each of the 7 aforementioned cities will be accepted. Once the application period ends on October 20th, grants will be fully distributed to awardees in mid-November. 

For more information on the grants and the application process, follow this link: 

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