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Bumble Brew Opens Next Month in SoHo

Bumble Brew Cafe
bumble brew cafe

Photo courtesy of Bumble Brew

Bumble, an online dating application known for its women-make-the-first-move configuration, is set to open a café and wine bar in SoHo at the end of July; the project was announced almost two years ago, however a host of permitting issues and pandemic-related delays complicated its opening. Bumble Brew is the result of a partnership between the dating platform, which has about 12.3 million monthly active users, and Pasquale Jones, an Italian restaurant from the Delicious Hospitality Group. 

The 80-seat restaurant will include a cocktail bar, patio seats, and a private dining room. It will offer all-day dining, initially opening just for breakfast, then lunch by the end of July, and finally dinner at the start of August. In terms of food, the restaurant will offer Mediterranean and vegetable-focused fare. In terms of intention, Bumble Brew’s original plan to offer a space for daters to eat exclusively “date-friendly” food has been replaced with a plan to simply offer a “safe space for healthy and equitable relationships and connections.” 

Over the pandemic, users turned to video calls to interact with potential matches; the platform recorded a 70% increase from the start of the national state of emergency to last month. The restaurant will offer users a chance to meet said matches in a safe space as they embark on dates “in real life” again. Bumble executives have also signaled that the restaurant aims to host events such as seminars with food and drinks in the future, which will establish it as a potential programming hub. 

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