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Celebrate our City + 10th Anniversary

Celebrate our City + 10th Anniversary

Michael Iakovou, Andreas Koutsoudakis, Ralph Preite, Steven Siegler, Socrates Xanthopoulos, Matthew Zwiren, and Zoe Darmon sponsored an event hosted by The New York City Hospitality Alliance.

On Monday, September 19th, KI Legal attended the New York City Hospitality Alliance’s 10th Year Anniversary Event. For years, Co-Founder Andreas Koutsoudakis has worked alongside Andrew and his team to fight the myriad of forces threatening the wellbeing of the hospitality industry - whether it be excessive fines from government agencies or certain 3rd party delivery company business practices.

KI Legal remains committed to helping the NYC Hospitality Alliance in whatever ways necessary to continue making the industry better for owners, operators, employees, and clients alike.

Representing KI Legal at the event were Co-Founders Michael Iakovou and Andreas Koutsoudakis, Partners Ralph Preite, Steven Siegler, and Socrates Xanthopoulos, Senior Associate Matthew Zwiren, and Marketing Manager Zoe Darmon.

On behalf of all our KI Legal family, congratulations to the Alliance for 10 groundbreaking years of activism and passion, and many more to come.