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KI Legal Broadens Offerings with Establishment of KI Legal Personal Injury


KI Legal Personal Injury offers multidisciplinary personal injury representation to victims in need. 

NEW YORK, NY – November 2022 – Koutsoudakis & Iakovou Law Group, PLLC (d/b/a “KI Legal”) has launched KI Legal Personal Injury. This addition reinforces KI Legal’s dedication to offering a multifaceted slate of services to its clients. Based in New York City, KI Legal Personal Injury will offer white-glove, professional services to victims having suffered from a wide range of personal injury claims.  

With a combined 50 years of experience in the field, KI Legal Personal Injury features a robust team of experienced litigators headed by Co-Founders Michael Iakovou and Andreas Koutsoudakis, and bolstered by Counsel Mathew Paulose and Counsel Sam Matthews. KI Legal Personal Injury will offer extensive services for victims suffering from any of the following personal injury claims: Third Party Negligence, Trip/Slip-and-Falls, Premises Liability, Construction Site Accidents, Scaffolding Falls, Ladder Falls, Wrongful Death, Car, Truck, and Motor Vehicle Accidents, and Assault. 

Co-Founder Michael Iakovou is quoted as saying “we will offer our services on a contingency fee basis to all clients – a stark departure from our hourly billable model at KI Legal. Notwithstanding, it is because of our existing model at KI Legal that we now can successfully take on massively long contingency fee matters and not be forced to settle prematurely in order to pay our bills. This effectively swings the leverage pendulum over to our side when negotiating with insurance carriers, which inherently allows us to garner better results for our clients.”  

KI Legal Personal Injury recognizes the importance of establishing personal relationships with clients; it is committed to not just representing them but, of equal importance, educating them on the neglect and wrongdoing of those that have caused them physical, economic, and emotional losses. Fighting back against the forces that caused these losses to occur in the first place is one of the driving reasons behind why KI Legal Personal Injury was established in the first place. Iakovou states “the people of the city of New York deserve better. We are all working class people that come into the city, ride our trains, drive our streets, walk our sidewalks, and we deserve to do all those things and feel safe. And it is because of the disarray and mismanagement in and around the city that we feel that there is a lack of responsiveness that needs to be addressed right now. This is one of the medians that this country affords us.”  

KI Legal Personal Injury looks forward to leveraging its multidisciplinary foundation and resources to continuously fight until the proper results are, and compensation is, secured.  


To reach KI Legal Personal Injury, please contact Zoe Darmon at (646) 766-8308 or 

KI Legal Personal Injury fights for victims of a wide array of personal injury claims, from Motor Vehicle Accidents to Scaffolding and Ladder Falls to Trip/Slip-and-Falls, amongst others. By leveraging its multidisciplinary foundation and, with the help of its experienced litigators, KI Legal Personal Injury can fight for the results and compensation that victims deserve without pushing for premature settlements due to financial reasons. This financial paradigm shift swings the pendulum in our favor when it comes to negotiating with insurance carriers, inherently leading to better results for clients. For the latest updates, follow KI Legal Personal Injury on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram. For more information, visit 

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