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Do You Need a Lawyer for Your Personal Injury Case?

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In most cases it is advised that you seek legal advice. Having a lawyer ready and by your side is proven to head better results for their clients regarding their compensation. However, there are some cases in which legal assistance may not be needed. Because New York and New Jersey are no-fault states there may be cases where your own insurance completely covers your costs (in the case of car accidents). If you have not suffered an injury, your costs are covered by insurance, and you are well versed in the legal language required, then maybe getting an attorney is not necessary.

However, when injury is involved, and where the system may seem confusing, it is best to seek out legal help from a trusted source. When you have been substantially injured, even in no fault states like New York during a car accident, you may be entitled to compensation. It is always best to have a legal professional who understands the system, and who has been there before, by your side. It has been shown that having a lawyer by your side leads to better settlements and payouts. Even in no-fault states like New York, it may be beneficial to have an attorney negotiating with your insurance company on your behalf. Even if you do not believe you need legal assistance, it may be best to get an initial consultation to see where you may be at. And of course, if you believe your case may head to trial, or you are negotiating with the at-fault party, seek legal counsel. For all your personal injury needs, contact us KI PI where we can get you started on the right track.



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KI Legal Personal Injury fights for victims of a wide array of personal injury claims, from Motor Vehicle Accidents to Scaffolding and Ladder Falls to Slip/Trip & Falls, amongst others. By leveraging its multidisciplinary foundation and, with the help of its experienced litigators, KI Legal Personal Injury can fight for the results and compensation that victims deserve without pushing for premature settlements due to financial reasons. This financial paradigm shift swings the pendulum in our favor when it comes to negotiating with insurance carriers, inherently leading to better results for clients. For the latest updates.

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