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How Can You Stay Organized During Your Personal Injury Lawsuit?

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As your attorneys we will have everything on our end ready and organized for you. We understand the paperwork will pile up and we will ease the load there. Despite this, it is in your best interest to remain organized for your benefit.

It is best to maintain your own file of documents, including copies of your claims, police reports, accident reports, medicals, and any other important documents. Additionally, it is best to organize your file as well. Try to separate the type of documents into separate tabs and folders, divided into sections such as “medical bills,” “letters from my lawyer,” “legal documents,” and others. Maintain a list of all your contacts associated with your case, whether that be the insurance adjuster, your attorney, opposing counsel, and even mediator.

Lastly, maintain a calendar. A calendar is a great tool for staying organized in your everyday life. Make sure to record your future court dates, hospital visits, and due dates for bill payments. An organized calendar also allows you to keep better records and refer to them to give more accurate testimony regarding doctor’s visits and other appointments. For assistance in navigating your personal injury case, contact us at KI PI.



This information is the most up to date news available as of the date posted. Please be advised that any information posted on the KI Legal Blog or Social Channels is being supplied for informational purposes only and is subject to change at any time. For more information, and clarity surrounding your individual organization or current situation, contact a member of the KI Legal team

KI Legal Personal Injury fights for victims of a wide array of personal injury claims, from Motor Vehicle Accidents to Scaffolding and Ladder Falls to Slip/Trip & Falls, amongst others. By leveraging its multidisciplinary foundation and, with the help of its experienced litigators, KI Legal Personal Injury can fight for the results and compensation that victims deserve without pushing for premature settlements due to financial reasons. This financial paradigm shift swings the pendulum in our favor when it comes to negotiating with insurance carriers, inherently leading to better results for clients. For the latest updates.

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