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Why Do Some Individuals Choose Mediation in Their Personal Injury Case?

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Mediation is a process where both parties will meet with an unbiased third party, or mediator, to come together for some sort of resolution. A mediator is a paid and unbiased party that helps move negotiations along and keeps them productive.

This is oftentimes more effective than simple settlement negotiations between both sides, as it requires both parties to actively discuss the issues with one another. Mediation is oftentimes preferable to long drawn-out trials, as resolutions are come to quicker, and without the cost of trial and litigation. Witnesses may also attend portions of the mediation. If both sides agree to attend mediation, a resolution may come faster, and the sought-after relief may be agreed to. During the course of mediation, your attorney will be negotiating on your behalf.

If mediation does fail, however, then your case will more than likely head to court. Despite this, you may still negotiate with the other party and reach a settlement. Our experienced attorneys are always ready to engage in mediation and are well practiced in alternative dispute resolution. For your personal injury needs, contact us at KI PI.



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