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New York City Restaurants Find New Home In South Florida

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While New York City’s food scene remains iconic, business owners looking to expand have found a new home in South Florida. During the pandemic, Florida was infamous for its loose restrictions, if any, and high rates of tourism; its constant hot weather didn’t hurt either. And South Florida, specifically Miami, has been building up quite a repertoire of fine dining restaurants and trendy eateries over time; its dining scene isn’t all that different from New York’s, with a multiethnic, well-traveled crowd. 

Today, many New York City restaurants and groups replete with Michelin stars and James Beard awards are opening new outposts in South Florida. Here is a list of a few key places:

  • Carbone, ZZ’s Sushi Bar –  Major Food Group 
  • The group also plans to open 20 restaurants in the Miami area by the end of 2022
  • Red Rooster Overtown – Marcus Samuelsson
  • Pastis – Stephen Starr and Keith McNally 
  • La Goulue – Jean Denoyer
  • Le Bilboquet – Philippe Delgrange 
  • L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon, Le Jardinier, Frohzen – The Bastion Collection 
  • The Surf Club – Thomas Keller 
  • Momosan – Masaharu Morimoto
  • The Den – Masatsugu Kubo 
  • Osteria Moreno – Michael White 

Although new restaurants have made the news, many other New York City based businesses have moved as well including hedge funds, private equity firms, financing companies and lots of high-end food suppliers. 

South Florida is certainly not to be disregarded. As more New York businesses branch out, it will undoubtedly continue to prove itself to be a new food mecca in the U.S. 

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