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Crown Shy Duo Expands by 4 Floors With New Venture

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The duo behind the hit new American restaurant Crown Shy, James Kent and Jeff Katz, have opened their newest venture which takes up 4 floors in the same 70 Pine Street Art Deco building. The centerpiece will be SAGA – a 16-table, fine dining tasting menu restaurant. Located on the 63rd floor, SAGA will reimagine a space previously used as an apartment by oil titan Henry Latham Doherty in the mid-20th century. 

In addition to keeping the space’s apartment aesthetic intact, the duo will replicate its low-key operations featured at Crown Shy at SAGA, despite its fine dining label. According to Kent and Katz, SAGA will feature mellow rap music, no dress code, no white tablecloths, and a more relaxed serving style from the staff. According to Katz, “what people want more now than ever before is real people, on the service side…People want real humans, and real interaction.” This being said, certain fine dining staples will be continued. Servers will be limited to carrying 2 plates at a time, clearing and serving from the same side of the table, and touring diners around the restaurant. 

Aside from SAGA, the floor above will house a cocktail bar called Overstory and the last floor will constitute a private dining room. 

SAGA will open August 25th, though reservations will only be available for American Express cardholders until September 15th. From there on out, all will be able to enjoy the space open Wednesday to Saturday 5:30-9pm. 

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