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What You Should Prepare for Your First Personal Injury Case Meeting


Prepare to Describe What Happened to You 

If you believe that you are entitled to compensation for a personal injury and have set up a meeting with an attorney to discuss a potential lawsuit, how can you best prepare for this meeting? It is important to approach the meeting with a detailed description and timeline of the incident, to bring anyone else who was injured and who you believe may have a claim to compensation, and to bring any paperwork such as medical or repair bills that may be relevant to the case.  

Another important factor to consider when preparing for your initial meeting is what you expect to recover from this lawsuit and how you believe your attorney can help you achieve this goal. These expectations can range from certain types of lawsuits that you would like to bring, whether you want to stop the person who harmed you from doing the same to others, or an estimate of the monetary compensation that you are seeking. Outlining what you expect to receive and how you believe a lawyer can help you will guide your potential attorney and allow them to be transparent with you as to whether these are reasonable goals and whether they are the best option to help you achieve these goals.  

Before the initial meeting, you should decide who you want to be involved with the potential lawsuit. Determine whether you want to include certain family members, exclude certain individuals who may try and involve themselves in the case, or if you want to be the sole person that your attorney speaks with regarding developments in the case. By providing your potential attorney with this information they can ensure that your interests are safeguarded. It is also important to tell your potential attorney how you expect them to communicate with you throughout the duration of the case. Whether this be weekly update calls or an email when an important development has occurred. This will open a discussion between you and the potential attorney about communication during the case – and will help you reach an agreement as to the style and frequency of your communication with the firm.   

Sign an Attorney-Client Agreement 

Depending on how the initial meeting goes, the attorney that you are meeting with may decide that their firm is in the right position to help you and is prepared to represent you and pursue compensation for your injury. If this is the case, the attorney will likely present you with a contract that begins your attorney-client relationship. This contract will outline how your fees will be calculated as well as the typical activities that generate legal expenses you will be responsible for. In general, this will include activities such as making copies, postage fees, the cost of obtaining medical records, accident reports, and hiring investigators or experts. If you have any questions about the fee structure, just ask the attorney and they will take time and care describing it to you.  

So, the meeting went well and you agreed to have the firm represent you - what now?  

What Happens Once You Have Secured an Attorney? 

You are now being represented by an attorney, here are some things you should do as the case is getting started. First, do not discuss the details of your case with anyone who is not directly involved. This includes actions such as posting online about the case, or talking with family and friends who are not directly involved with you and your attorney. This could result in complications as the case proceeds. Second, if you are under medical care for your injury, it is critical that you follow your doctor's medical advice. Third, you should be prepared to assist the attorney representing you in recovering important documents such as medical records. Finally, be sure to keep your attorney updated on any major changes in your life, such as a change in your address, employment, or health. Staying available and in touch with your attorney will help streamline the case and help the firm do everything it can to recover the best outcome possible.  

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