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What is the Voir Dire and Preemptory Strikes Injury Selection?

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Personal Injury Law Glossary

Voir dire is the process that’s used to make sure that a fair jury is chosen.[1] Potential jurors are asked questions about things that might make them biased towards one side or the other, and lawyers can then request that the judge disqualify jurors with biases. Peremptory strikes are a way for a lawyer to remove someone from the jury pool without showing cause. There are times when a potential juror might not have enough bias to be removed for cause, but the lawyer suspects that the juror would not be fair to their client. Peremptory strikes do not need any justification for lawyers to use them. Because of this, only a certain number of peremptory strikes are allowed for each side. Once those strikes are used up, lawyers will need to convince the judge to remove jurors for cause.

[1] N.Y. C.P.L.R. § 270.15.



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