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Who Should You Call After Being In A Car Accident?

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After you have made sure to get yourself and your passengers to safety after a car accident, call 911; not only will this alert the police, but will also alert ambulance or fire rescue teams—if necessary—to arrive on the scene to assist and treat injured people in an accident. If emergency services are unable to make it to the scene of the accident, locate the nearest police station to file an accident report yourself. When it comes to filing a claim with your insurer, provide a copy of the police report to help with the car accident claim.

Once everything has been sorted at the scene of the accident, or the appropriate reports were made to the appropriate authorities, be sure to reach out to your insurance company as soon as you have collected as much evidence as possible. It is important to know whether your insurance policy requires a report be released right away. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of your policy, not just when you first take it out, but periodically so you are familiar with what to do in the event of an accident. Insurance agents receive training to help assist in the process of pursuing a claim.

Finally, if you believe you are entitled to a personal injury claim due to severe injuries you sustained from an accident, it is important to reach out to an experience personal injury lawyer. Be sure to collect all your accident-related documents and reports together so those documents are easily accessible for your claim. We at KI Legal are here to protect your rights and make sure that valuable evidence is collected and used properly. We will guide you through the claims process. Before making any further statements to the police, other drivers, passengers, or even witnesses, consult with us; we can advise you on issues such as how to ensure you get the compensation you deserve, given the injuries, and the damage related to the accident.



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